Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Georgia Sunshine Village

We had gone here about a month ago but decided I should write about it - considering the outcome of this trip was actually aiming to get out of the city once a month.

Six of us in need to get away from the city - did a little bit of research and found this place called "Georgia sunshine village" - about 102Km from Bangalore and not a very expensive getaway either, we decided to hit the road.

We had great plans out heading out at 4 in the morning so we could beat the traffic on the Mysore highway - but of course we didn't actually leave the city till about 7:30am. Stopped at the famous Kamat hotel on the way for breakfast and then continued our journey. One should actually leave early in the morning cause the traffic does get progressively heavier. We had a map that we got off their website - however its not the most accurate & well funnily enough kiran and i landed up doing our own calculations of 102 km and completely over shot the place nearly landing up in Mandya (at maddur we should have taken a left onto the Kollegal Highway). Anyways we backtracked - apologised to the others who were religiously following us and finally got onto the right highway. To be noted this highway is more like a village track :). A another half an hour of driving and we were there. Hidden away was a nice little resort with a gorgeous swimming pool, very friendly owners, many many animals & lovely rooms.

We got into our rooms & the men were very relieved when they saw the loo's. Sorry i failed to mention earlier that on the website they mentioned the rooms had 'open to sky loo's' to which the men, namely koach & kiran were extremely skeptical. So hence when they actually saw them, boy were they relived. It was extremely tastefully done & the right mix of nature & luxury.

We were all in the pool in 5 min flat of arriving there & thats where we spent most of our time. In the evening they told us they would take us for a trek and them some fishing - so after much deliberation we decided to venture out. Now this one was definitely a mistake. You could not call even one of us a trekker - we trekked for the longest time (45 min) and absolutely no sign of water, which kept us wondering how the hell we were going to fish. Finally we hear the gurgling of water and rush towards it only to find its this huge canal of sorts that brings the water from the dam and sends it to namma bengaluru. Low and behold the guy tells us this is were we were going to fish - the water is gushing downstream and everyone doubted the existence of fish. Nonetheless for the sheer joy of holding a fishing rod - with the bait being some atta we sat on a ledge and dangled them rods.

All this done we headed back to the resort where we proceed once again spending the weekend in the pool, playing monopoly & kiran trying to teach us all to play Scotland yard - which was actually quite a success.

We then headed back ready to face the week & all that it had in store for us. All in all a fantastic weekend and a definite must do again.