Friday, May 2, 2014

30 things to do at 30!

Yup it's the year I turn the BIG 3 - 0 and honestly I couldn't  be happier.

This year got me thinking about all the things I want to accomplish and work towards. Some are ones I've been pushing out over the years, others just dreams and wishes, and some others just goals I want to meet. I've been building this list in my head and thought it time to write it down.

Maybe at the end of this 30th year of my life  I get to reflect on it and maybe make this goal setting a yearly thing ;)

  1. Travel LOTS
  2.  Get a bicycle & Bike (Check)
  3.  Learn to Dive
  4. Get Fitter & Be strong (would love some real muscles and an enviable core)
  5.  Buy a Home
  6.  Send a yearly newsletter to friends
  7.  Have more sit down dinners with friends
  8. Cook &Bake more .. esp macaroons!
  9. Do more DIY Projects
  10.  Blog frequently
  11. Take the doggie on beach vacations and walks in the park
  12.  Having a garden & plants AND keeping them alive & maybe even have a herb garden
  13.  To make more 'US' time with the Husband
  14. Go back to theater in some form (Check, but want to do more)
  15. Find a way to work with Kids.
  16. Spend more time with Family
  17. Focus on the kind of business I want to build and to build it !
  18. Make sure a Goa trip happens a minimum of twice a year
  19. Keep in touch with friends on a more one to one basis
  20. De-clutter - live with the things we really need.
  21. Hike - long hikes, short hikes, any hikes
  22. Spend time with my camera and take more pictures (not the phone kind)
  23. Run workshops around social media & build out the social media community
  24. To challenge myself and not be complacent with life
  25. To be able to say NO
  26. Taste many many wines from across the world
  27. Spend time with the girlfriends and have more girls nights.
  28. Spend more time in the outdoors  - biking, hiking, picnics , simple walks
  29. Make time for the things I WANT to do and not to use the word 'busy' as an excuse
  30. To live my 30's with more passion & youth than I did my 20's

So that's it - there's my list ... I think it's going to be a fun year ! 


Thomas said...

Love the list Helen! Important things you've listed. You'll have loads of fun and quality time! DO IT! :)

Helen Issar said...

Thanks Thomas - getting down to doing it is going to be the fun & challenging part !