Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fantastic Birthday !!!

It truly was a fantastic day - my birthday this is... it started earlier this week with a surpise birthday being thrown for me,and has since continued to be the best build up & finish to my birthday. Brought it in on the tarmac of Bangalore airport with kiran singing Happy birthday to me and that was definitely not the end of hearing that song for the day. Arrived in singapore to Pani's warm hello and wishes took us to debbie & rohan's place where the same was given. Debbie arrived in a bit after a long night of work - spent the next hour chatting & catching up. Went to a near by mall for lunch, had a relaxed day swimming etc. The evening started with cake cutting, went onto several margaritas made by Rohan, then moved onto a german bar on the Harbour front where we met dhanur, shika, shreya, pani,shahid and we then proceeded to movida the latino club which was part of st.james power station. Partied till 3 in the morning dancing to a live band and inbetween to the most varied playlist, however i have to say was definitely a fantastic birthday!!!! Big Thank you to all who made it Possible....

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Wine & Cheese

Thanks to Mr. Mehta my education is one step closer to being complete. Recently returned from his Europe wanderings he treated us to a fantastic evening of Cheese from the Netherlands.

We had
1. Old Amsterdam Cheese
2. Smoked Cheese
3. Young Gouda
4. Brie

Now as abhi served us this cheese with chilled white / red wine he claimed each one was his absolute favourite. :) My favourite was definitely the Old Amsterdam Cheese. Am not a Cheese aficionado but the taste & texture of the old Amsterdam cheese definitely left me asking for more.

Thank you Abhi :) was indeed the best thing someone could have gotten back after a holiday.