Monday, May 28, 2007

When it rains in Bangalore

For some reason this city cant handle rain. I mean seriously everything just goes berserk - its like the city looses whatever "little road sense" it possessed. All it requires is staying one behind the other - but no you have a bus who thinks he can bully his way around, an auto who thinks he can wiggle his way through traffic,the few bikers who definitely think they can do better & most cars just sitting on their horns. Then you cant forget how everyone has the same brain wave of using that little gully which definitely would get them home faster & be dead sure no one else would have though about it - except the whole world has & they have successfully blocked yet another road. By this time you have traffic to the left of you, right of you, diagonally,almost sitting on top of you & at this point you just sit, wait,freeze, fidget with your cell phone, send out messages of how this city is the pits & hope that maybe in about 2 hours if your lucky ... you'll be home.

All this said and done, i really do love the city - how could you not

Thursday, May 24, 2007

My House

Well ... so my first blog and terribly excited. I have finally settled on a flat to rent here in Bangalore. I love the place & cant wait to move into it. That however sadly will take a while - 2 months to be precise. One cant always have things their way - win some lose some would probably be an apt way to say it.Will put up pictures of the first party .. when it happens :)