Monday, May 28, 2007

When it rains in Bangalore

For some reason this city cant handle rain. I mean seriously everything just goes berserk - its like the city looses whatever "little road sense" it possessed. All it requires is staying one behind the other - but no you have a bus who thinks he can bully his way around, an auto who thinks he can wiggle his way through traffic,the few bikers who definitely think they can do better & most cars just sitting on their horns. Then you cant forget how everyone has the same brain wave of using that little gully which definitely would get them home faster & be dead sure no one else would have though about it - except the whole world has & they have successfully blocked yet another road. By this time you have traffic to the left of you, right of you, diagonally,almost sitting on top of you & at this point you just sit, wait,freeze, fidget with your cell phone, send out messages of how this city is the pits & hope that maybe in about 2 hours if your lucky ... you'll be home.

All this said and done, i really do love the city - how could you not


Amitha Singh said...

You know... the best thing to do is just roll down (or up) your windows, depending on how heavy the rain is, tune into your fav radio station (mostly indigo) or put your fav cd on, have a smile on your face and inch through your lane as and when the traffic moves :) give up on time commitments you have made for that moment... while people around you are honking away and frowning the rains away!

Watch the confusion in their face when they see you chilling out! ;)

Helen Issar said...

hahahahha should try that - but what about when you in a rick ;) hahahha hmmmm

Amitha Singh said...

Then if you have an i-pod supaah! or just play random music on your phone! :)