Wednesday, October 31, 2007

1 tequila 2 tequila 3 tequila floor, hey hey hey AIESEC .....

Long absence from my part on the blogging front - was so consumed with telling everyone about the fantastic holiday we had in august, i forgot to blog about it - a bit late to do so now - but Singapore & phuket is definitely a must do & friends living there make everything the best!!!

Onto more recent happenings like the Aiesec Alumni Congress in Bangalore. Was throughly looking forward to it, since its been 3 years since i was out from Aiesec. There were 4 of us from the "Batch Of 2002" & was the best felt like we were back at those many conferences we went to, especially with rayan & vaish reminded me of our NLDS. Met an amazing bunch of Aiesec Alumni & loved how there was a 20 - 25 year age gap & yet something like Aiesec just binds us all together.

The passion, the good times, the crazy roll calls, the absolutely insane stories of conferences, exchanges, elections not to forget the drinking & the partying. Was good to talk about the GB,EB, Nc, MCP, AI and know you were being understood instead of a what ?? huh??? Eb?? who's that. Celebrating my LC's 25th Anniversary and being extremely proud of being part of Aiesec Bangalore, the alumni winning the roll call competition hands down vs the current Aiesec'ers and ending the congress knowing there was so much i could now give back as an alumni to the one organization that gave me so much.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fantastic Birthday !!!

It truly was a fantastic day - my birthday this is... it started earlier this week with a surpise birthday being thrown for me,and has since continued to be the best build up & finish to my birthday. Brought it in on the tarmac of Bangalore airport with kiran singing Happy birthday to me and that was definitely not the end of hearing that song for the day. Arrived in singapore to Pani's warm hello and wishes took us to debbie & rohan's place where the same was given. Debbie arrived in a bit after a long night of work - spent the next hour chatting & catching up. Went to a near by mall for lunch, had a relaxed day swimming etc. The evening started with cake cutting, went onto several margaritas made by Rohan, then moved onto a german bar on the Harbour front where we met dhanur, shika, shreya, pani,shahid and we then proceeded to movida the latino club which was part of st.james power station. Partied till 3 in the morning dancing to a live band and inbetween to the most varied playlist, however i have to say was definitely a fantastic birthday!!!! Big Thank you to all who made it Possible....

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Wine & Cheese

Thanks to Mr. Mehta my education is one step closer to being complete. Recently returned from his Europe wanderings he treated us to a fantastic evening of Cheese from the Netherlands.

We had
1. Old Amsterdam Cheese
2. Smoked Cheese
3. Young Gouda
4. Brie

Now as abhi served us this cheese with chilled white / red wine he claimed each one was his absolute favourite. :) My favourite was definitely the Old Amsterdam Cheese. Am not a Cheese aficionado but the taste & texture of the old Amsterdam cheese definitely left me asking for more.

Thank you Abhi :) was indeed the best thing someone could have gotten back after a holiday.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

K2 - Karaoke & Korean Food

Had such a fantastic evening yesterday. A whole bunch of us very close friends who all worked together at a point decided to meet up. well the meet was all thanks to vicky who actually organized it and made it happen. And all the credit for a fantastic evening goes to him.

Went to a little Korean Restaurant in Koramangala called 'Soo Raaa Sang'. You can book their private Karaoke room for an hour(gotta pay for it of course) which we did. So eight of us in a room with korean food and a karaoke machine - truly what a blast it was. We sang some of the most ridiculous songs - we had the backstreet boys in attendance which kept us women quite amused for a while & i don't think i need to even begin with the other songs we sang :)Oh and the videos that run while you singing is hilarious - some of animals , children, women on beaches etc They most often gave new meaning to the songs we were singing.

All in all a place i recommend 100% just to go unwind and have some plain old fun.

P.s - The food is so so - the karaoke is a definite must.
P.p.s - Pictures & Videos will hopefully be up soon on facebook :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Prawn Curry

Been on a trip of eating some really authentic prawn curry & the Koshy's prawn curry & rice is fantastic. So been looking around for a good recipe to try my hand at. Found this somewhere on the net seems really easy & sounds like it will have a yummy outcome. Any tips on making prawn curry are very welcome:)

Prawns 1/2 kg
Ginger paste 1tbsp
Garlic paste 3/4 tbsp
Onions 2
Green Chilli slit 4
Garam masala 1tsp
Tomato puree 1/2 cup
Chilli powder 1tsp
Coriander powder 1tbsp
Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
Peppercorns crushed 5
Limejuice 1tbsp
Oil 1/4 cup
Curry leaves
1 sprig
Salt - As required

Method of Preparation

Clean the prawns, keep aside. Heat oil in apan, add chopped onions and sauté till onions turn brown. Add ginger paste, garlic paste, chopped green chillies, and cook for a while. Add coriander powder, chilli powder and turmeric powder. Sauté for a while. Add tomato puree and keep cooking till the mixture becomes semi-dry. Then add the prawns, crushed peppercorns, garam masala, curry leaves and lemon juice. Cover and cook till prawns are done. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Going back to alma mater

So today in a small tiny way was a bit nostalgic. I went back to my old college "Christ college" - a.k.a "Christ College- The College of Knowledge" - please note all to be said in a good mallu accent.

Anyways coming back to the college, woke up this morning knowing i was going there for a meeting & i realized that i automatically started looking in my wardrobe & examined what i was going to wear keeping the college dress code in mind when i was in college (no sleeveless, no showing skin, nothing tight etc. I thought to myself how silly your passed out wear what you want - well turned out that was easier said than done. Finally reached college and was walking down the endless entrance that led to main block & i felt like i had never stepped out of this college. I blended in - (well so i think), i did'nt for a minute feel out of place - waited for teachers to catch me saying something like - that shirt is to tight, don't use your cell phone in college, take off your sun glasses - hahahha. Sounds really stupid right - but for those of you who have been with me in christ college, you would i guess relate to this better.

Went back to the old department - teachers greeted me the same old way, which is basically a 'now what have you been upto' - 'now what do you want' 'your actually on time?':) In a way it was nice, for a bit of course. Wandered around college with Sneha for a bit - had a craving for the good ole egg puff & coffee only to be terribly disappointed to find the kiosk had become all hep & only serves instant coffee( instead of the strong decoction one) & no egg puffs. Thankfully the kiosk itself was still the same so we sat around completely aimlessly for a bit - and did our usual gossiping - reminiscing about all the funny stuff that happened around this place. The kiosk was the hub of everything for us - we flirted there, met the loves of our lives there - at least i did, bitched, hid from teachers, sang, played dc - the list could go on.

Loads of changes in the college - they have gotten even more strict, once know for its space, they planning on becoming a university so they are building more & more. The famous 'parking lot' is completely gone & getting ready for another concrete giant. All in all i felt the 5 years we were in college were those just perfect years - where the college had the just- perfect blend of everything. (Glad i am not there now)

Being there & thinking back on all that stuff brings a smile to my face. Being back to your alma mater definitely conjures up a host of emotions - no matter how old you are they almost always make you feel like it was just yesterday that everything happened. I completely recommend going back to your old college - better still if you go back with your bunch of friends ;)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Georgia Sunshine Village

We had gone here about a month ago but decided I should write about it - considering the outcome of this trip was actually aiming to get out of the city once a month.

Six of us in need to get away from the city - did a little bit of research and found this place called "Georgia sunshine village" - about 102Km from Bangalore and not a very expensive getaway either, we decided to hit the road.

We had great plans out heading out at 4 in the morning so we could beat the traffic on the Mysore highway - but of course we didn't actually leave the city till about 7:30am. Stopped at the famous Kamat hotel on the way for breakfast and then continued our journey. One should actually leave early in the morning cause the traffic does get progressively heavier. We had a map that we got off their website - however its not the most accurate & well funnily enough kiran and i landed up doing our own calculations of 102 km and completely over shot the place nearly landing up in Mandya (at maddur we should have taken a left onto the Kollegal Highway). Anyways we backtracked - apologised to the others who were religiously following us and finally got onto the right highway. To be noted this highway is more like a village track :). A another half an hour of driving and we were there. Hidden away was a nice little resort with a gorgeous swimming pool, very friendly owners, many many animals & lovely rooms.

We got into our rooms & the men were very relieved when they saw the loo's. Sorry i failed to mention earlier that on the website they mentioned the rooms had 'open to sky loo's' to which the men, namely koach & kiran were extremely skeptical. So hence when they actually saw them, boy were they relived. It was extremely tastefully done & the right mix of nature & luxury.

We were all in the pool in 5 min flat of arriving there & thats where we spent most of our time. In the evening they told us they would take us for a trek and them some fishing - so after much deliberation we decided to venture out. Now this one was definitely a mistake. You could not call even one of us a trekker - we trekked for the longest time (45 min) and absolutely no sign of water, which kept us wondering how the hell we were going to fish. Finally we hear the gurgling of water and rush towards it only to find its this huge canal of sorts that brings the water from the dam and sends it to namma bengaluru. Low and behold the guy tells us this is were we were going to fish - the water is gushing downstream and everyone doubted the existence of fish. Nonetheless for the sheer joy of holding a fishing rod - with the bait being some atta we sat on a ledge and dangled them rods.

All this done we headed back to the resort where we proceed once again spending the weekend in the pool, playing monopoly & kiran trying to teach us all to play Scotland yard - which was actually quite a success.

We then headed back ready to face the week & all that it had in store for us. All in all a fantastic weekend and a definite must do again.

Monday, May 28, 2007

When it rains in Bangalore

For some reason this city cant handle rain. I mean seriously everything just goes berserk - its like the city looses whatever "little road sense" it possessed. All it requires is staying one behind the other - but no you have a bus who thinks he can bully his way around, an auto who thinks he can wiggle his way through traffic,the few bikers who definitely think they can do better & most cars just sitting on their horns. Then you cant forget how everyone has the same brain wave of using that little gully which definitely would get them home faster & be dead sure no one else would have though about it - except the whole world has & they have successfully blocked yet another road. By this time you have traffic to the left of you, right of you, diagonally,almost sitting on top of you & at this point you just sit, wait,freeze, fidget with your cell phone, send out messages of how this city is the pits & hope that maybe in about 2 hours if your lucky ... you'll be home.

All this said and done, i really do love the city - how could you not

Thursday, May 24, 2007

My House

Well ... so my first blog and terribly excited. I have finally settled on a flat to rent here in Bangalore. I love the place & cant wait to move into it. That however sadly will take a while - 2 months to be precise. One cant always have things their way - win some lose some would probably be an apt way to say it.Will put up pictures of the first party .. when it happens :)