Wednesday, October 31, 2007

1 tequila 2 tequila 3 tequila floor, hey hey hey AIESEC .....

Long absence from my part on the blogging front - was so consumed with telling everyone about the fantastic holiday we had in august, i forgot to blog about it - a bit late to do so now - but Singapore & phuket is definitely a must do & friends living there make everything the best!!!

Onto more recent happenings like the Aiesec Alumni Congress in Bangalore. Was throughly looking forward to it, since its been 3 years since i was out from Aiesec. There were 4 of us from the "Batch Of 2002" & was the best felt like we were back at those many conferences we went to, especially with rayan & vaish reminded me of our NLDS. Met an amazing bunch of Aiesec Alumni & loved how there was a 20 - 25 year age gap & yet something like Aiesec just binds us all together.

The passion, the good times, the crazy roll calls, the absolutely insane stories of conferences, exchanges, elections not to forget the drinking & the partying. Was good to talk about the GB,EB, Nc, MCP, AI and know you were being understood instead of a what ?? huh??? Eb?? who's that. Celebrating my LC's 25th Anniversary and being extremely proud of being part of Aiesec Bangalore, the alumni winning the roll call competition hands down vs the current Aiesec'ers and ending the congress knowing there was so much i could now give back as an alumni to the one organization that gave me so much.

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