Wednesday, July 25, 2007

K2 - Karaoke & Korean Food

Had such a fantastic evening yesterday. A whole bunch of us very close friends who all worked together at a point decided to meet up. well the meet was all thanks to vicky who actually organized it and made it happen. And all the credit for a fantastic evening goes to him.

Went to a little Korean Restaurant in Koramangala called 'Soo Raaa Sang'. You can book their private Karaoke room for an hour(gotta pay for it of course) which we did. So eight of us in a room with korean food and a karaoke machine - truly what a blast it was. We sang some of the most ridiculous songs - we had the backstreet boys in attendance which kept us women quite amused for a while & i don't think i need to even begin with the other songs we sang :)Oh and the videos that run while you singing is hilarious - some of animals , children, women on beaches etc They most often gave new meaning to the songs we were singing.

All in all a place i recommend 100% just to go unwind and have some plain old fun.

P.s - The food is so so - the karaoke is a definite must.
P.p.s - Pictures & Videos will hopefully be up soon on facebook :)


Aakash Sethi said...

What did you have to eat? Some of the meat stuff we have had is very good. Did you like the cinnamon tea at the end?

Helen Issar said...

@ Sethi: I have no clue what we ordered. I got there after it was done. No did'nt have the cinnamon tea but everyone else it and loved it. Had some chicken dishes, salmon & sushi & some noodle thingie. Pardon my ignorance :)