Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Going back to alma mater

So today in a small tiny way was a bit nostalgic. I went back to my old college "Christ college" - a.k.a "Christ College- The College of Knowledge" - please note all to be said in a good mallu accent.

Anyways coming back to the college, woke up this morning knowing i was going there for a meeting & i realized that i automatically started looking in my wardrobe & examined what i was going to wear keeping the college dress code in mind when i was in college (no sleeveless, no showing skin, nothing tight etc. I thought to myself how silly your passed out wear what you want - well turned out that was easier said than done. Finally reached college and was walking down the endless entrance that led to main block & i felt like i had never stepped out of this college. I blended in - (well so i think), i did'nt for a minute feel out of place - waited for teachers to catch me saying something like - that shirt is to tight, don't use your cell phone in college, take off your sun glasses - hahahha. Sounds really stupid right - but for those of you who have been with me in christ college, you would i guess relate to this better.

Went back to the old department - teachers greeted me the same old way, which is basically a 'now what have you been upto' - 'now what do you want' 'your actually on time?':) In a way it was nice, for a bit of course. Wandered around college with Sneha for a bit - had a craving for the good ole egg puff & coffee only to be terribly disappointed to find the kiosk had become all hep & only serves instant coffee( instead of the strong decoction one) & no egg puffs. Thankfully the kiosk itself was still the same so we sat around completely aimlessly for a bit - and did our usual gossiping - reminiscing about all the funny stuff that happened around this place. The kiosk was the hub of everything for us - we flirted there, met the loves of our lives there - at least i did, bitched, hid from teachers, sang, played dc - the list could go on.

Loads of changes in the college - they have gotten even more strict, once know for its space, they planning on becoming a university so they are building more & more. The famous 'parking lot' is completely gone & getting ready for another concrete giant. All in all i felt the 5 years we were in college were those just perfect years - where the college had the just- perfect blend of everything. (Glad i am not there now)

Being there & thinking back on all that stuff brings a smile to my face. Being back to your alma mater definitely conjures up a host of emotions - no matter how old you are they almost always make you feel like it was just yesterday that everything happened. I completely recommend going back to your old college - better still if you go back with your bunch of friends ;)


aditi said...

Ohmigosh! I know what you mean, that edgy feeling that you're going to get told off for something, that you shouldn't necessarily have to be soo concerned about...

Helen Issar said...

hahaha yeah exactly - felt like that the whole time :)