Tuesday, April 1, 2008


The month of March could not have gotten any better for me and i definitely could not ask for more. It was a month i will cherish for a long long time to come.

My two best friends Bianca and Sherena were both in town. Bianca and i have been friends since we were 3 - thats about 20 years of friendship. We've been in the same city maybe 3 of those 20 years but time nor distance have changed a thing i managed to catch up with her in Goa for 3 days - and all i can say was it was Super. There is nothing i cant talk to her about and thats what makes that friendship so special. Sherena I met when i was in college and again we have been inseparable since then. I have been lucky to have her around here in Bangalore for the whole of march. She was so integral to those college years. She kept me rooted to ground realities, she was the sane, practical rational side - while i balanced off the crazy part.

Yesterday i don't think i have laughed so much since college. Our gang of 6 women - well 5 cause laksh was missing, met up at koshys. Tasha & Mariya, Sneha, Sherena & Me. It was like the lot of us were back to being 19 year old's full of giggly gas, in the midst of the mature, sane conversations we tried to have which lasted all of 5 seconds we were back to the mad bunch of friends we were.

The most amazing part of all these friends i met was that no matter the time we have been apart, the distance or even the lack of keeping in touch - none of it mattered at the end of the day. Everything seemed like it was just yesterday, we picked up from where we had left off and the smoothness of these friendships always leaves we realizing how very lucky i am. These friends are really the ones that have played such an integral role in my life and who i am today & no matter which corners of the world we are all in - its the most comforting feeling to know that somethings just never change ....

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