Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Musically United By Scandinavia ..

In social gathers and get togethers over my time here in Scandinavia conversations have led to amusing discoveries of  how so many musicians we grew up listening to in our teen-boppy years were actually Scandinavian. The discovery of each artist amused me as much as it did the other person, and conversations would have statements like 'oh they are Norwegian', ' you've heard of them', ' they were popular in India?' and then of course proceed to listen & dance around to them.

Well now to the point, I've been making a list to share here in the hope I might also surprise some of you out there ..

  1. Abba *Swedish - (it has to be number one on the list) Here's the Megamix 

  2. MLTR *Danish - I had both albums on cassettes that were frequently in my cool sony walkman . Paint my love on play- rewind - play

  3. Lene Marlin *Norwegian - Remember I'm Sitting Down Here but hey you can't see me 
  4. Dr.Bombay *Danish  - We sang this song so much in Aiesec I think we even had a jive to it and I always thought he was Indian - Cal-cutta i drive my little taxi in

  5. A- ha *Norwegian - So many Catholic Club Memories come to mind on this one Take On Me

  6. Roxette *Swedish -  Age 10 and I was singing It Must Have Been Love much to my mothers disapproval

  7. Aqua *Danish - 'Hi Barbie, Hi Ken, Want to go for a ride? Sure Ken' Ah what the hell yes I listened to Barbie Girl even guilty of dancing to it !

  8. The Cardigans * Swedish -  How much I tried imitating their voice on Lovefool 

  9. Ace of Base *Swedish - So many fun dancing memories to All that She wants & The Sign 

  10. Eagle Eye Cherry *Swedish (Of African -American Descent) - Save Tonight 

  11. Whigfield *Danish - This song brings together all things Aiesec for me, what a work out - Sexy Eyes

  12. Safri Duo *Danish - Not quite the Teen Bobber when this came out but love the energy even now of The Bong Song

  13. Outlandish *Danish - One word 'Spin' and the summer of 2003 Aicha

  14. Kings of Convenience *Norwegian - I didn't really know of them till Mr.K  introduced me to them and one of his favourite songs I'd Rather Dance with you than talk with you  

I'm sure this list is only going to grow as I discover even more artists but for now it seems that Scandinavia was a part of me long before I even knew one day it would be my home ;) 


Gaurabh said...

Wow!! This is definitely enlightening! :) Thanks for the knowledge Helen :)

Helen Issar said...

Welcome G man .. was very enlightened myself :)