Friday, November 4, 2011

My Hues Of Autumn

''Some call it autumn, some call it fall, some say the season is the best of all, look all around and you will find that fall is here.... just look for the signs. See red and yellow, orange and brown, bright coloured leaves are falling too the ground ... ''  -This kiddies song puts it so aptly.

Living in Norway you actually get to experince the 4 seasons in their entirety. Till I got here they were just the 4 main seasons that we loosely referred to. But being here and experiencing them is absolutely something else.

Autumn is now officially one of my favourite seasons - no not because I like the rain, or the mush, or the one day cold - one day hot weather, not because the days start getting shorter but very simply -
The Colours. 

A road with some beautiful houses - very close to where we live

Autumn brings with it some of the most stunning hues of greens, yellows,oranges & brown I have seen, leaving the city bursting at its brim with sunshine when there isn't too much sunshine doing the rounds.

An Autumn evening Sunset as we saw it from our living room

Autumn is almost drawing to a close &  I've clearly fallen in love with the colours considering I have inserted  them into my wardrobe.. so I will have a spot of Autumn Sunshine all winter long ! ;)
Add Mr.K's Golf bag models  the Hat & Scarf
One of my favourite purchases !
The Pattern for the Yellow Knitted Hat can be found Here & the Extremely Easy Scarf Here


Virvaria said...

I love autumn too :) and this one has been very good, with lovely colours:) Love the pictures:)

Dipti Varma said...

Loving the sunset from your living room! :) makes it easier to decide when we wana come visiting!! :)

Helen Issar said...

Why thank you madame .. yes autumn has been beautiful and as we speak the first snowfall arrives :) The scarf is all thanks to you introducing me to garnstudio ;)