Friday, November 20, 2009

What I want today

Wants a house party at Chitra Raghavan place, wants Ashu and Bella to hug, , wants Neehal Lobo in some crazy leather pants, pointy shoes & some hat, wants Alok Agarwal & Umamahesh Radhakrishnan to do their roadside step, wants Harsha Yadalam to stand with his bottle of teachers and say Janani i think..., wants Pooja Suresh on chitras centre table, wants Ro - Ro & Kiran Menon to do their Chetaa bonding .. wants Abhi Mehta to walk in super late and say dude sam's in town dude, wants Tushie in his element and doing a random count down, wants drinks , dance and attempts at 'these men' conversations with Tuts, Sneha, Sudha & Rishika, wants Boobiieee as the DJ wants Praks and Pabs busting a few moves ... and wants this ALL to end with 'Today is gonna be the day ......'

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