Tuesday, December 1, 2009

On Being Indian

I've never had so many conversations on India, being Indian or what India is about since I landed - right from not believing I’m Indian to asking me questions about India and suddenly realizing I’m not quite sure of the answer. In many ways its made me realize how BIG my country actually is and how we really form such a small part of this Country called India. I was always proud about being Indian but suddenly there seems this bigger pride, I can't quite describe it, this deep deep passion for India i didn’t know existed within me.

Conversations on India can last several hours over lunch and dinner tables, and ideologies or situations we grew up with and came so naturally to us suddenly seem difficult to explain and even more difficult for the person across you to grasp or even begin to understand.

I'm sure some would laugh at this, but personally for me here ... every day brings me closer to my country & makes me look at it & understand it from a whole different perspective !!!

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