Friday, January 22, 2010

Copenhagen and What FIRST'S it Brought To My Life

Just the other day i was thinking about Copenhagen and the most amazing time i've had here, the people I've met and well the things its driven me to do --- all of which take me closer to well 'Completing my Education' as my dearest grandfather says :)

So here it goes.. a List of moments, things I've experienced, love & learnt to love.

I ....

1. Have eaten raw fish and decided im not going to to do this again Ate Raw Fish (the danish love their fish and oh Raw is even better)
2. Experienced Proper Snowfall & an amazing Snow Fight - Love love love it !!!
3. Built a demented Snowman - Love it even more :)
4. Have eaten Reindeer and decided i like them too much to eat them and also they dont taste so good.
5. Tasted Akvavit & Snaps and realised they give you the worst hangovers !!
6. Experienced -8 feels like -16 temperature ... this i think I'm going to have to get use to
7. have learnt atleast 3 Drinking games ... and all around our dining table. This is what happens when you have swedes, australians, danes, new zealanders around you ;)
8. have been introduced to chuck norris jokes and now might be a mild addict - Kristina, Kicki its alll you ;)
9. have been to a micro brewery and had a 5 course beer menu :)
10. Walked on a frozen lake .. this was the coolest it took me 4 days to gather up the courage to do this, i was conviced it would break :)
11. Walked home barefoot in 0 Degrees cause my feet could not take my fancy shoes no more
12. have cleaned the streets of Christiania (with mr. menon & mr.mathure included) got yelled at for dropping a bottle in Christiania and we were given brooms to clean it up ..
13. Now eat a leafy veggie salad and voluntarily make one for myself most evenings .. tomatoes and me in salad are still not best friends though
14. have learnt that even if no one checks tickets here you buy one nonetheless. TRUSTING everything & everyone blindly is now easier for me.
15. know now that roadrage and bad driving is where the Indians and Danes connect
16. like lighting candles at any time during the day the night the afternoon i love buying candles .. they keep me warm !! I understand the candle festish now
17. am Convinced Glogg Wine & Julebrygge Make Christmas Better :)
18. have become a plumber, carpenter and electrician out of refusing to spend 18,000 INR to get a visit from each :)
19. have been to one of the oldest amusement parks at the best time .. Christmas at tivoli
20. think i've mastered the art of making butter chicken
21. have bought the most expensive bulb in my life - cost 1500 INR (this the most basic one too)

I know im going to be updating this list .. but for now ... this is a start :)

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